Kids are by nature curious. As kids grow up, the time to feed their curiosity is limited by several factors. As more and more time ticks away, they move farther and farther away from it. In an era where boundaries of access to information and technology are expanding, where problems that require scientific solutions, both global and local, are becoming more complex, kids also drift away from the much needed scientific temper, research and innovation mindset. But there can be moments in life when every kid can get inspired. We are headed towards one such a moment.

SCICON 2019 is a gathering of scientists, technologists and kids, bringing them closer to each other. A platform for kids to interact with experts from different fields. Kids love stories. Stories can influence kids. The innate curiosity of kids only want more of it. Speakers will share their stories of what inspired them into science as a kid, what are they working on, and will also be engaging with the kids in a lively Q and A session. The conference will also feature individuals working in different professions related to science and technology.

Another interesting thing to watch out for is that the entire conference will be conducted by kids themselves. Join us on this day to talk and celebrate science!


Sanjay Molur


Dr. Sanjay Molur is wildlife conservation scientist with an experience of over 25 years in this field. He currently heads Zoo Outreach Organization -- a thirty-three year old wildlife conservation NGO based in Coimbatore. He has close to 3000 research paper citations and has worked on understanding threats faced by over 10,000 species across South Asia and abroad. His interests include conservation strategising, species assessments, citizen science, science communication, education and policy recommendations.

Wildlife Conservation Sanjay Molur

Ebenezer Chellasamy


Dr. Ebenezer is a resident scientist, solar astronomer and currently the head at Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. He received his PhD in Solar Radio Astronomy from Indian Institute of Astrophysics. He did his masters in Instrumentation Engineering at Indian Institute of Science (IISC) and MSc in Physics from The American College, Madurai. He was involved in the construction of radio spectrograph and GRASS array. He is also involved in the study of kinematics of shock propogation in solar corona and interplanetary space. He is an excellent educator and loves teaching astronomy, physics and mathematics to students. His primary interests are solar astronomy, radio astronomy, radio astronomy instrumentation.

Solar Astronomer Ebenezer Chellasamy

Neelesh Dahanukar


Dr. Neelesh Dahanukar is a research scientist at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune and Marine Microbial Diversity Component in Maharashtra Gene Bank Project. He received his PhD in Scientific Computing and his Masters in Microbiology from University of Pune. His research interests are Molecular Phylogeny, Phylogeography, Molecular Epidemiology of Wildlife Diseases, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Game Theory, Ecological Statistics and Systemics. He is an exceptional teacher where he is known for breaking down most complex of concepts into simple analogies and examples which even very young kids can understand.

Scientific Computing & Microbiology Neelesh Dahanukar

Smitha Ganesh


Smitha is an experienced data scientist, with 14+ years of industry experience and proven track record of leading, designing and developing solutions to enable businesses achieve their $MM productivity. She has a master’s degree in structural engineering from VTU and has earlier worked with GM and GE on simulations and machine learning techniques. Excellent publication record including a patent alongside. Good organizational and analytical skills strive to build knowledge base and drives change through innovative thinking and strategic initiatives. Her technical expertise is on feature extraction, classification, supervised/unsupervised learning, statistical modelling & time series forecast. Currently a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, India and is working on projects that help clients become AI mature.

Software Engineering Smitha Ganesh

Manjari Bagchi


Manjari Bagchi is an astrophysicist. She works on neutron stars. Her favorite type of neutron stars is the "Radio Pulsars". After obtaining a PhD in physics from Jadavpur University (Kolkata) in 2007, Manjari spent a few years at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai), and West Virginia University (Morgantown, USA). She is a faculty member at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Chennai) since 2014.

Astrophysics Manjari Bagchi

Samyuktha S


Samyuktha is an Architect turned Educator. Her love for nature, led her to the discovery of Sustainability. Since then from Architecture to basic livelihood she strives towards it. She has a strong belief in Communities and believes only Community-led approach can lead to change in Education. Other than supporting Mango Education, she is busy constructing her own 'Earth Bag' Home.

Samyuktha S

Sathya NS


Sathya is the author of “Cyber Crime – Things you should know before pressing the power button”. As a developer turned cyber advocate, his current venture Vaaithaa.com uses Machine Learning Algorithms & Case Based Response (CBR) technique to create a bot interface to accelerate interactions between clients and attorneys. He also trains law enforcement officers, professionals, and academicians on cyber crime investigation using OSINT.

Sathya Narayanan Subramanian



Priyanka has always been passionate about wildlife and has worked in different aspects of wildlife conservation including publications, field research, education and policy. She found her true calling at Zoo Outreach Organisation, where she is a researcher working on projects concerning threatened species, freshwater policies, and illegal wildlife trade. She also works on the peer-reviewed, open access Journal of Threatened Taxa as an associate editor.


Ananya S


Ananya has a PhD in terrestrial carbon cycle from the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science and bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Growing up amidst lush forests across India, she is passionate about conserving them and also addressing the issues faced by the flora of the country. She is currently involved in an ex-situ conservation project of IUCN red listed tree species and gaining hands-on experience of nurturing tender plants.

Ananya S

Harsh Valechha


Harsh Valechha is an ex-financial consultant turned forester who has spent the past few years growing more than 5000 trees in India and Haiti. He is the founder of Gaia Grid, a self sustainable model farm, which can be replicated by anyone, anywhere with minimum funding to convert any barren land into a food forest. The main aim of Gaia Grid is to enable people to become self reliant in terms of food, water, shelter and electricity using community funding and a mix of traditional and contemporary technology and knowledge.

Harsh Valechha

Swarajit Alakananda


Swarajit is the founder of Fix Your Gadget, a gadget repairing start up with doorstep pick-up and delivery. He is also the founder of So Aware, an Non-Profitable Organisation driven by young volunteers, that creates awareness on various social issues with innovative projects. He is currently the Managing Director of SIEW Technologies, an electrical electronic engineering company, manufacturing and servicing industrial electronic devices.




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